Asylum Props

Are you creative? Are you on a budget? Have you ever wanted to create your own unique body prop? This isn’t polyfill in bags to get close to a human shape. We offer semi rigid (flexible) foam bodies. They can be cut, posed or armature added, reglued, and painted to fit exactly what you need for your scene. These are a very cost effective base for creative people and those with an artistic staff, depending on your needs.”Products for the creative but busy person” Do you still want to save some money? But you can’t find the right “look” you are after. We offer semi finished products that you can assemble and deck out. These come in base paint that serves as a weather barrier, cut where you need, with joining points for assembly. Pick any of our base bodies and select the adaptation you want:

Gore Detail “Products you NEED to build and decor your scenes” We offer LEDs, props, weapons, costumes, and fully finished products.

If you are still looking for that unique piece you have envisioned, but can’t find it,  we can manufacture it for you.

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